Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I rarely read my local newspaper and get excited about an article. That changed today when they ran an article about threading, the traditional Indian hair removal technique.

I fell in love with threading in L.A. where you can find salons offering the service, or entire businesses devoted to the practice, all over the place. Finding someone who threads in Bloomington wasn't quite as easy...the first gal I tried charged 4 times as much as my L.A. gal (the pain over paying the ridiculous fee was much worse than the hair removal). I did finally stumble upon a heavenly angel who offers threading out of her basement salon for a very fair fee.

I highly encourage anyone who hates waxing and plucking to give it a try!

We watched Gone Baby Gone this weekend and thought it was great. I'm bummed I didn't see it in the theater - it's actually one worth paying for.

I still have free movie passes, but there's not much out I want to see...post a recommendation if you have one.

Opening Day is just around the corner and ironically I may be in St. Louis for a Cardinal's rally (for work). I gotta say I wish I was heading to Wrigley instead. Spending Opening Day in St. Louis just feels like bad ju-ju.

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