Monday, March 28, 2011


Miles took his first swing ride last Sunday ... he's got a 9mo big boy gummy grin!

We go to the pediatrician Thurs. for a check-up so be back in a few days with all the latest stats.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Miles got his first boo-boos this week! On Wednesday at daycare, his teacher accidentally dropped a sanitizer spray bottle near his head (sounds bad now that I type it...) and the spray nozzle part bumped and scraped his head. I don't think it hurt much, but it sure scared him! He cried, but recovered quickly.

Then today he had an accident at home under Nan's watchful eye. He was in his crib trying to pull up on the tall end, of course, and he let go and toppled over and bumped his cheek on the shorter side. Crying followed, along with lots of kisses from Nan.

So now he has a red mark and maybe a bruise forming to complement his scrape. At least the second boo-boo was self-inflicted.

I know these are just the first of many ouchies to come, but it still makes mama so sad!! :(

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Arizona pics

 game time!
 lots of funny faces playing with his hat and sunglasses

Teams Burchfield and Libert

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Arizona adventure

Well I didn't exactly get to post from Arizona. I thought about it though. We had a great trip. It was a whirlwind!

Wednesday was just a travel day - 8 long hours from our house to the hotel. Miles did amazingly well. We fed him at the airport and he slept on the plane. He was fussy at takeoff (with his binky), but that's it. He was wide-eyed and smiley when Lynn picked us up at the airport.

The hotel worked okay. Looking back I wish I would have gotten a suite so we could have had two rooms (one for Mile to nap in and one for us to be able to move around in!). All in all, it worked fine. The hotel crib was a small metal jail, but Miles didn't mind. He even mostly put himself to sleep Thurs. and Fri. night.

Thursday was action-packed with the Cubs game. Miles and Andrew had a great time, and they were so stinking cute in their gear. We sat in our seats for a few innings and then strolled over to the grass so the boys could move around. The boys were fast friends; Andrew even said "Miles, wait up" when I was pushing him in the stroller. Too cute! That night we stayed in, ordered pizza and let the boys play, play, play.

Friday was a slower day. We visit the Mesa Farmers Market for some goodies, and Miles got to touch his first palm tree. That afternoon we played with Andrew (Lynn and I even got away for a little bit and the boys hung out while the babies napped). We went out to dinner Fri. night at Salty Senioritas (an annual tradition) and the boys were little gems despite a very long wait. Andrew tried to pull the fire alarm (nice save, mommy!) and we had lots of laughs.

Saturday we had a little playtime, met a cactus - no touching, and lunched at Paradise before the return travel marathon. Miles did well on the return flight smiling and waving at our seat neighbors. He napped briefly and got antsy, but did great considering we had a delay ON the plane where we just sat for like 30 min.

The car ride from the airport to our house was the worst part, but I can't say I blame Miles because it was late and it had been such a long day. I wanted to fuss too. All in all, he was a travel champ! The time change (from MT to CT AND daylight savings) has been tricky, but hopefully we'll get back to normal in a day or two.

Now we just need a vacation from our vacation to recover. Pictures coming soon!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


We're heading to sunny Arizona in a few hours to hang out with Team Burchfield.

Miles can't wait to play with Andrew and learn all sorts of new tricks! We're currently working to perfect the art of the wave. Here's how it works: right arm extended parallel to the ground, palm facing backwards, hand open and shut. Hilarious! I think we got it on video last night.

Gotta finish packing and stressing about the plane ride...more from Arizona!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

milestone: eight months

Miles has lots of new tricks!

He's starting to clap hands with mommy and daddy. He hasn't figured out how to clap his hands together yet, but he'll clap one hand with us or give us a five. Adorable!

He's still getting up on all fours, but no backward or forward motion yet.

The biggest new skill: Miles will now feed himself a puff! It took two weeks to go from gagging, to tolerating a puff from mommy, to liking puffs from mommy, to feeding himself a puff (and wanting more, more, more). Yay, Miles!

No new stats to report until our nine month check-up. We did just upgrade to size 3 diapers so I'm guessing he's around 18 pounds.

Sleep is going well. Most nights Miles will go down easy and put himself to sleep within 15-20 minutes. We still have 2-3 nights a week with fussing. He's sleeping through the night consistently except for the occasional off night.

Mommy hit a major milestone with Miles at eight months: I stopped getting up once at night to pump. Now I too sleep through the night. Hooray! I've got a small bank of frozen milk to tap when I am ready to stop pumping at work. Double hooray!