Monday, May 28, 2012

milestone: twenty-three months

This milestone flew by, and I'm reeling at the thought of planning my baby's second birthday party!!

Miles continues to be fascinated by trucks, especially garbage trucks and fire trucks. Since garbage day is only once a week, we've started watching them on youtube (dear people who created these videos, thank you!). He is in total awe! One of our favorite songs right now is "coming down the alley" to the tune of "she'll be coming round the mountain" which is all about the garbage truck. "He'll be tossing in the trash oh when he comes" for example. Miles has started saying "coming down" when he wants the truck to appear or when he wants you to come with him. Mommy coming down, for example. Ha!

We got out the baby pool this weekend, and Miles like it much better than last summer. He played in it off an on for an hour last weekend at Michael's house and did the same on Saturday. He loves the sprinkler (sprinkles) too. New phrase: "I touch it" when he wants to get closer to the water or anything nearby. "In the water" is another new phrase.

Let's see...Miles had his first trip to Carl's Ice Cream where he got his very own dish of vanilla with candy eyes. He was much more excited about the "big ice cream" statue than the real thing. He also had his first hot dog on the grill...which he liked, but was somewhat confused by. He woofed a few times when we said hot dog so that'll be one we have to explain a few times...

The kids got weighed at school, and Miles is 30# and I'm guessing 34in maybe? Can't wait for his 2yr check-up in a few weeks. It's almost time to turn his car seat to the front which will definitely be a big milestone!

Gotta get planning his photo session, birthday party, etc!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Thursday, May 10, 2012

skinned knee

Miles took a slight tumble on the sidewalk resulting in a minor scrape. He barely cried so that's good. We washed it together and then added a Curious George bandage. All better by the time we took this photo :)

He  loves to walk under the trees. So tall! Reach!
Gramps helped Miles make a May Day basket! 

On our walk Miles had a long conversation with the neighbor's cat. A summary: Hi kitty. Itching (when the cat scratched his ears). Up (the cat laid down). Coming (he wanted the cat to follow us). With you. (wanted the cat to come with us). Walking (cat starts to follow us). Coming. Walking. Bye kitty (after the cat stops and sits). It was so funny!