Sunday, September 26, 2010

milestone: 12 weeks

Miles has changed so much the past few weeks. He's growing out of some 0-3 clothes (well, mostly his torso; his legs just grew out of NB and into 0-3). He smiles responsively and laughs. His neck is getting a lot stronger. He'll be holding his head up any day.

His evening crankies are pretty much gone and he's napping much better. He has good nights and not so good nights. We usually get 5-6 hours of sleep...3 hours consecutively which is nice. I keep waiting for the night where he sleeps for 5 (or more!) hours.

A few photos...

binky ring
world's cutest Bears fan!
wearing his maize and blue for Michigan
smiling and laughing while daddy whistles (and showing off his leg rolls)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

daddy, part 1

Well, I've been back to work for almost a month and this is the first chance I'm getting to blog about it. That should tell you how well I'm adjusting!

It's been tough trying to balance everything. 8 hours of work away from Miles makes me pretty crazy. All I want to do is snuggle him as soon as I get home (which means little else gets done...). Miles had adjusted well. My mom and Ben's dad were around the first few days, and Ben's been home full time since Sept. 1.

It's such a relief to leave Miles at home with daddy. They are having so much fun together (and I wish I could be home with them)! Miles is really dependent on me for obvious reasons (I was home all day every day with him and I'm his food source :)) and it's nice for him to feel more dependent on Ben now. They are two peas in a pod. I'm a lucky wife and mother!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

10 wk photos

Miles and Auntie Lynn
so many funny faces to make, so little time
daddy, what's in your pocket?

Monday, September 6, 2010

milestone: 10 weeks

It's been a busy week for Miles! Most notable: he is now sleeping in his crib at night! It took about five days for him to get settled. One night he just cried when I put him in his bassinet so I took that to mean he was ready for the crib. And he was. For about one hour at a time. It was a long few nights, but he got the hang of it, and now he's sleeping four consecutive hours! Wahoo!

The other big change has been mommy back to work and daddy home, but we have to save that for another post....

Miles is making so many fun sounds, and I have a great video to share, but Blogger won't let me. I'll keep trying!