Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Monday, August 22, 2011

milestone: fourteen months

I wish I had new stats to report because it seems like Miles has grown a lot this month! My back is starting to ache from carrying him around, but that will get a little better soon--Miles is really close to walking. He still holds on with a finger which is adorable. He will grab my finger when he wants to go somewhere so that's my cue to walk. :) We went shoe shopping yesterday and Miles is a size 4 and 4.5 so we're shopping for size 5 shoes! Seems big to me!

Other new skills include brushing his teeth, which he really likes!, and learning to put things away. Miles loves to play at his bookshelf so we've started doing a few books back on the shelf and he's getting the hang of it. We also started weaning from the bottle last week which is going so-so. Some days are better than others so we keep encouraging him.

Pictures next....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

first words and signs

Miles' vocabulary is expanding! In addition to up, he's now saying uh oh, wow and hi. Uh oh sometimes goes along with dropping something, but usually he says it randomly. Wow usually goes in a pattern - wowowowowow.....over and over. Hi sounds like hi-ee. :) Can't wait to hear what's next.

Miles has also learned the signs for "more" and "all done" and normally applies them when he's eating. We get an occasional all done during diaper changes and other things he gets tired of quickly.

The weather has been great the past week so we've played outside a lot. We tried a new park on Sunday, and Miles is getting more and more adventurous. Yesterday at daycare he got to play at the splash table and came home with a minor scraped knee. He loves getting in and out of the bubble car ... over and over again. Miles is standing independently a lot more and walks well holding on with one hand...he's going to take off soon!

Monday, August 8, 2011


 Miles and Leo (son of Jeff and Katie) on their recent playdate
 so cute playing together. Miles looks HUGE in this photo compared to Leo (who will be one in early Sept.)
love the flip flops :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

mommy's big night

I had a work trip to Chicago this week, and my first night away from Miles. We missed each other but both did well. I couldn't wait to get home for hugs and kisses!

Tonight we are having another first - we're leaving Miles with his first official babysitter. My friend Julie recommended a friend of hers so Miss Emily will be watching Miles tonight while we all go to see Romeo and Juliet at The Shakespeare Festival.

In other news, Miles has tooth #4 - his other top front tooth! He likes his new chompers, and we can definitely tell these teeth coming through has given him a little relief until next time.

Hoping to get some pics up ASAP! Miles has lots of hair and may need a trim soon!