Monday, January 31, 2011

miles of smiles

It's been a busy week! Miles had some good days and not so good days. He refused to eat solids at dinner (or was super crabby about it) twice last week and he was up twice in the night (once for two hours). But it all passed and we made it through the week.

As far as sleep goes, we've had nights with crying, nights without and at least half of the last week Miles slept through the night without waking up. Very good progress.

Miles is smiling and laughing a lot more which is so fun. He's constantly got US smiling and laughing. He's figured out that he can roll around to get where he wants to go so we can't take our eyes off of him for a second. Must start baby-proofing.

Miles had two "firsts" this weekend: his first reading program at the library (we checked out Where the Wild Things Are along with a few other books) and his first ISU basketball game. The 'birds won in OT and Miles got a ball from a cheerleader (already such a flirt!).

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Our photographer posted some great photos of Miles! It's amazing how much he's starting to look like a little boy and less like a baby.

Miles is also in the running for Picture of the Year! Check it out and vote for #11.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

milestone: seven months

Miles hit seven months yesterday and celebrated by smiling, laughing and sitting up for his six month photos (which we got in just under the gun!).

No new stats to report since we don't have a pediatrician's visit this month. Though I know he weighed 16.7 about a week ago when we went in for the ear infection visit.

Other highlights: We had a major sleep victory on Friday night! Miles didn't cry when I put him down and he slept ALL night. That is only the second time he's slept all night. It was fantastic. Saturday night brought more crying at bedtime and a few wake ups. I'm trying to focus on the positive and hoping we continue to make progress. Ben made zucchini, and it was more successful than peas or green beans, but still not a hit. We're looking forward to trying a new fruit this week! Probably peaches.

Our other big news is we got a family friendly car on Friday! Miles gets to ride in style in a 2008 Honda Accord. It is so so so nice not to squeeze him in the backseat of our 2 door coupe. Honestly, 4 doors feels like a luxury.

Seems like seven months is the gateway to more change...teeth on the horizon, creeping/crawling, another solid at mealtime...I'm looking forward to all of these firsts, but also trying to really soak in the here and now and focus on enjoying each day because they go by way too fast.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Night Eight is (hopefully) our turning point! Ben put Miles in his crib and he played quietly for 10 minutes...he fussed for a few minutes, but no crying. Ben checked on him at the 15 minute mark and he was asleep on his side with the binky (and he had scooted down to the bottom of his crib).

I'm so proud of Miles and so proud of us for sticking with it. I took Miles to the doctor on Friday because he has a lingering cough and found out his lungs are clear, but he has a slight ear infection in BOTH ears. Poor little guy. I can't believe we picked the same week to let him cry it out as a DOUBLE ear infection. I don't think he's been in too much pain, though, considering he's been eating, sleeping and fussing the same amount (if anything he's been better than usual).

Now I'm going back to my glass of wine!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sleep update part two

Night Five was more of the same. Miles cried hard for 15 minutes and then another 10 before falling asleep.

Night Six (tonight) we made some progress. Miles played quietly with Turkleton (his lovie) for 10 minutes and then he cried for five...I may have broken a rule because I went into his room then since it had been 15 minutes since I left ... though he hadn't been crying for 15. Oh well, a technicality! Anyway, he calmed down right away and fell asleep within a few minutes. We also had a breakthrough at daycare today - Miles took two naps in his crib!! One lasted 45 minutes and the other was an hour and a half - a record breaker!! WAHOO!

So I am feeling more encouraged today and hope we continue to make progress.

I am starting to wish we had a crib cam. Miles does the funniest stuff when we're not in the room...turns perpendicular and scoots backwards. I would love to see how he does these things!

Monday, January 10, 2011

sleep update

Night Three was just like Night One. Miles cried hard for 15 minutes...took a break when I soothed...and then cried for another 15 minutes. He fell asleep as soon as I went into his room the second time.

Night Four was more like Night Two but with more crying. He was quiet for a few minutes when I left the room and then cried hard for 12 minutes. When I returned, he grabbed my hand and held on for dear life when I gave him his binky. He calmed down, but didn't close his eyes. I soothed him for a minute and left the room. Silence. I peeked on him a few minutes later - asleep.

So I am not sure how I feel. We haven't made much progress in four nights. Tonight was by far the worst since I didn't see him much today and I know he was overtired from napping poorly at daycare. Mommy just wants to cuddle the poor baby, not listen to him cry!! Ugh.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Miles has been a terrible sleeper since day one. He's made progress as he's gotten older, but it's still a battle to get him to take naps and go to bed at night. We can usually get him down with some rocking and soothing within 15-20 minutes. But then we are also dealing with wake-ups during naps and at night...often times he'll go back to sleep with his binky and some patting. Some times we are rocking him for another 15 minutes (or more).

Then things reached a new level of trouble at daycare. They can get him to sleep, but he won't stay asleep. Miles takes a few 10 minutes naps and maybe a 30 minute nap or two ALL DAY. Not good.

We knew we had to start teaching Miles to self-soothe and put himself to sleep. I would prefer to rock him to sleep as long as he'll let me :) but that's just not practical or good for Miles either.

So yesterday was Night One of letting Miles cry it out. Ben was brave enough to try it on a night I was out of the house. Our routine was the same, except Ben read him a story and rocked him for a few minutes until he was drowsy, not asleep, and then put him in his crib, said good night, and left the room. Miles cried hard for 15 minutes. Ben went back in, soothed, gave him his binky and he cried the whole time and then for another 15 minutes. Ben went back in, soothed, etc. and Miles cried out twice...then silence. He finally fell asleep.

Night Two of cry it out went the same way except it was my turn. Yikes. We read two stories, and I could tell he was sleepy. I put him in his crib, said good night and left the room. Miles cried (not hard) and fussed off and on for 15 minutes. Not great, but good progress from Night One. I kept busy cleaning the kitchen so I didn't make myself too miserable listening. At the 15 minute mark, I went back into his room and he stopped crying immediately. I gave him his binky, soothed, etc. and he closed his eyes...I tiptoed out...silence! So far so good almost an hour later. We'll see what Night Three brings...  

Sunday, January 2, 2011

six month/Christmas photos

 Miles checks out his stocking
 Heading to church
 First time wearing real shoes!
Opening a gift at Nan's house