Sunday, March 23, 2008

happy easter

These photos are from a few weeks ago when Abi was in town. We celebrated Easter early by coloring eggs. She really liked the blue eggs and couldn't wait for them to dry so she could put stickers on each one. They weren't drying fast enough for her so she blew on them, and in the photo it looks like she's blowing out candles on a cake made out of eggs.

The eggs were Abi's new friends...but Nan wouldn't let her carry them around just in case she left one hidden somewhere only to become a stink bomb later on. So we played with plastic eggs instead. No matter; Abi wasn't deterred. The eggs were going everywhere. And who needs a basket to put them in when you've got a Mystery Machine?

I make a mean deviled egg so we're taking those over to Ben's parent's house and we're trying a new dessert - Jamie Oliver's Sunken Souffle - made out of ginger snaps, rhubarb and custard. Yum!

Happy Easter, all!

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