Saturday, January 15, 2011


Night Eight is (hopefully) our turning point! Ben put Miles in his crib and he played quietly for 10 minutes...he fussed for a few minutes, but no crying. Ben checked on him at the 15 minute mark and he was asleep on his side with the binky (and he had scooted down to the bottom of his crib).

I'm so proud of Miles and so proud of us for sticking with it. I took Miles to the doctor on Friday because he has a lingering cough and found out his lungs are clear, but he has a slight ear infection in BOTH ears. Poor little guy. I can't believe we picked the same week to let him cry it out as a DOUBLE ear infection. I don't think he's been in too much pain, though, considering he's been eating, sleeping and fussing the same amount (if anything he's been better than usual).

Now I'm going back to my glass of wine!

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