Saturday, January 8, 2011


Miles has been a terrible sleeper since day one. He's made progress as he's gotten older, but it's still a battle to get him to take naps and go to bed at night. We can usually get him down with some rocking and soothing within 15-20 minutes. But then we are also dealing with wake-ups during naps and at night...often times he'll go back to sleep with his binky and some patting. Some times we are rocking him for another 15 minutes (or more).

Then things reached a new level of trouble at daycare. They can get him to sleep, but he won't stay asleep. Miles takes a few 10 minutes naps and maybe a 30 minute nap or two ALL DAY. Not good.

We knew we had to start teaching Miles to self-soothe and put himself to sleep. I would prefer to rock him to sleep as long as he'll let me :) but that's just not practical or good for Miles either.

So yesterday was Night One of letting Miles cry it out. Ben was brave enough to try it on a night I was out of the house. Our routine was the same, except Ben read him a story and rocked him for a few minutes until he was drowsy, not asleep, and then put him in his crib, said good night, and left the room. Miles cried hard for 15 minutes. Ben went back in, soothed, gave him his binky and he cried the whole time and then for another 15 minutes. Ben went back in, soothed, etc. and Miles cried out twice...then silence. He finally fell asleep.

Night Two of cry it out went the same way except it was my turn. Yikes. We read two stories, and I could tell he was sleepy. I put him in his crib, said good night and left the room. Miles cried (not hard) and fussed off and on for 15 minutes. Not great, but good progress from Night One. I kept busy cleaning the kitchen so I didn't make myself too miserable listening. At the 15 minute mark, I went back into his room and he stopped crying immediately. I gave him his binky, soothed, etc. and he closed his eyes...I tiptoed out...silence! So far so good almost an hour later. We'll see what Night Three brings...  


Jenny said...

It's SO hard, but so worth it in the end:) Owen was always pretty good at night, but not at naps. Now we have a good's to hoping your new one continues to go well:)

Julie Pond said...

I hate it too! What's been working for us is establishing that routine that you guys have but then turning out the lights and sitting next to him. We don't look at him or react to him if he fusses, but our presence keeps him from crying really hard. I'm hoping that it's a step to leaving the room completely.