Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sleep update part two

Night Five was more of the same. Miles cried hard for 15 minutes and then another 10 before falling asleep.

Night Six (tonight) we made some progress. Miles played quietly with Turkleton (his lovie) for 10 minutes and then he cried for five...I may have broken a rule because I went into his room then since it had been 15 minutes since I left ... though he hadn't been crying for 15. Oh well, a technicality! Anyway, he calmed down right away and fell asleep within a few minutes. We also had a breakthrough at daycare today - Miles took two naps in his crib!! One lasted 45 minutes and the other was an hour and a half - a record breaker!! WAHOO!

So I am feeling more encouraged today and hope we continue to make progress.

I am starting to wish we had a crib cam. Miles does the funniest stuff when we're not in the room...turns perpendicular and scoots backwards. I would love to see how he does these things!


Jenny said...

Yea!! Glad things are improving! I always wonder how they get in their interesting positions as well!

Lynn B. said...

I'm so glad he is taking better naps at daycare. Hope it stays that way!