Sunday, January 23, 2011

milestone: seven months

Miles hit seven months yesterday and celebrated by smiling, laughing and sitting up for his six month photos (which we got in just under the gun!).

No new stats to report since we don't have a pediatrician's visit this month. Though I know he weighed 16.7 about a week ago when we went in for the ear infection visit.

Other highlights: We had a major sleep victory on Friday night! Miles didn't cry when I put him down and he slept ALL night. That is only the second time he's slept all night. It was fantastic. Saturday night brought more crying at bedtime and a few wake ups. I'm trying to focus on the positive and hoping we continue to make progress. Ben made zucchini, and it was more successful than peas or green beans, but still not a hit. We're looking forward to trying a new fruit this week! Probably peaches.

Our other big news is we got a family friendly car on Friday! Miles gets to ride in style in a 2008 Honda Accord. It is so so so nice not to squeeze him in the backseat of our 2 door coupe. Honestly, 4 doors feels like a luxury.

Seems like seven months is the gateway to more change...teeth on the horizon, creeping/crawling, another solid at mealtime...I'm looking forward to all of these firsts, but also trying to really soak in the here and now and focus on enjoying each day because they go by way too fast.


Julie Pond said...

That picture of him is sooooooo adorable! Congrats on the new car; I can't wait to see it. I'm also excited to hear about and to see those new pictures. I'll bet they're going to be amazing!

Lynn B. said...

OK that picture is sooooo Ben!! Mini me :-) Gotta go look at the 6 month photos now. Yay!