Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Our photographer posted some great photos of Miles! It's amazing how much he's starting to look like a little boy and less like a baby.

Miles is also in the running for Picture of the Year! Check it out and vote for #11.


Jenny said...

love the hat and tie!!

Lynn B. said...

Those made me tear up they are so precious! I love the ones in his crib. Good idea! And awwww...he's got his turtle! :-) Love the little sweet smile on the rug and the one above that. His eyes are just beautiful. Can't wait to see you guys in March.

I CANNOT believe we are gearing up for 2-year photos. Already scheduled early for March 26 so we can have some before the b-day. We are doing some fam photos too.

Julie Pond said...

What precious photos. One of each, please!