Monday, January 10, 2011

sleep update

Night Three was just like Night One. Miles cried hard for 15 minutes...took a break when I soothed...and then cried for another 15 minutes. He fell asleep as soon as I went into his room the second time.

Night Four was more like Night Two but with more crying. He was quiet for a few minutes when I left the room and then cried hard for 12 minutes. When I returned, he grabbed my hand and held on for dear life when I gave him his binky. He calmed down, but didn't close his eyes. I soothed him for a minute and left the room. Silence. I peeked on him a few minutes later - asleep.

So I am not sure how I feel. We haven't made much progress in four nights. Tonight was by far the worst since I didn't see him much today and I know he was overtired from napping poorly at daycare. Mommy just wants to cuddle the poor baby, not listen to him cry!! Ugh.