Monday, January 11, 2010

16 weeks

Big sigh of relief for my good check-up today. I was literally holding my breath as the doctor prepared to listen to the baby's heartbeat....and then there it was boom-boom-booming just like a drum corps! Incredible!! It was a little slower this time (143 bpm vs 163 bpm at our 12 wk appt).

The big ulstrasound is scheduled for the second week in Feb. I think we are leaning toward NOT finding out the sex...we'll see how we feel in four more weeks. We've been taking an informal poll among friends and lots of people are voting for us to wait...thoughts??


Jenny said...

I couldn't do it--had to know ahead of time:) More power to you if you can wait!

Lynn B. said...

I couldn't wait. I love surprises, but this one is too big. Too much to buy and everyone gets annoyed that they have to buy you gender neutral gifts :-) BUT you could have a shower AFTER the baby is born and that would be fun.

Jeni said...

Don't find out!!! This is THE best surprise and there are so few in life!!! Just imagine the joy when Ben annouces to you whether the baby is a boy or girl!!! It's about what you guys want though!!! All my stuff is neutral and that means it will work for round 2 also!!!