Sunday, April 20, 2008


Can we please have a three day weekend? Anyone? Bueller?

We had a great spring weekend and it's supposed to be even warmer and sunnier tomorrow. There is nothing worse than sitting INside when all you want to do is be OUTside those first few days of spring.

We spent more time on yard work today and now have another huge pile of leaves. We could have raked for hours but my hand already has a small blister so that ended the raking for today. Love big trees, hate all the raking (and raking, and, yes, raking some more).

Our yard has a loyal brigade of bunnies, squirrels and birds. They've gotten so comfortable hanging out they rarely take off when we walk outside. Ben said the squirrels will be eating out of his hand by the end of summer. Hopefully they eat out of it and not bite it/give rabies.

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