Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I made the trek to St. Louis yesterday and it was a whirlwind. Cardinal's fans had taken over and I didn't stick around long. Time in St. Louis: 3 hours. Total driving time: 5 hours. Ugh.

Clearly I had plenty of time to sit around and listen to the radio. Pat and Ron on WGN kept me company, but my car-cheering couldn't help the Cubs get a W.

I did see something funny while driving: a woman with a scrunchie on her wrist. I used to love the scrunchie! The perfect functional accessory....in the 90's that is. I wish I could have made a "ditch the scrunchie" sign, but I was busy keeping my minivan (hold that thought: me driving a minivan!) on the road during what can only be described as the closest thing the Midwest will ever see to a monsoon.

So I resumed my normal schedule today with thoughts of the scrunchie back in St. Louis and ANOTHER scrunchie incident surfaces. Check out this article in Chicago's DailyCandy for a good laugh.

What better day to celebrate the scrunchie than April Fool's Day?

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Anonymous said...

Scrunchies rock! hahahaha...Too bad I had to retire some good ones due to the undeniable stench of Avanti's day-old bread!