Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It's tax day but I don't know anyone actually filing their taxes today. Who waits until the last minute? We usually file in February so it seems like it was ages ago.

In case you've been losing sleep this week gripped with worry about how our flowers are doing, you can now rest easy! The sun has helped warm things up the past few days and tomorrow we're supposed to hit 70 degrees. It seems cruel to have such bad weekend weather followed by warm mid-week weather when we're all stuck inside. Boo.

We watched Atonement last weekend and it wasn't what I expected (having not read the book). I thought it was really good though I wonder how Keira Knightley keeps getting such high-profile parts when she's only a so-so actor.

We're working on the inside of the house (nothing like people coming over for dinner to spur a cleaning!) and are STILL in need of a chair for the living room. How can it be SO hard to find a good chair that's not insanely expensive? Any recommendations? At this point I'm ready for a bean bag chair.

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Brian said...

Ang and I are probably going to hit target for some chairs. We had family over for Easter and were stumped with finding seats for everyone.