Sunday, April 6, 2008

play date

We had great Spring weather this weekend! Abigail arrived Sat. night and we couldn't wait to get to the park today. A friend of mine in the area has a girl about Abi's age so we arranged a play date. The playground was PACKED. All the kids were running around trying to burn off months of cabin fever.

Abi approaches the playground with a no fear attitude and I was running around like a maniac trying to keep up with her, anxious thoughts filling my head (was an older kid going to step on her? would she fall off some contraption head-first? why do they make those ridiculous tunnels you can't see through?). Of course it was totally fine and we were all worn out after a few hours. The girls reluctantly said goodbye and we headed home for PB&J and mac & cheese.

Don't kids just remind you how simple life can be?

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