Friday, April 11, 2008


We're regressing back to wintery weather today and through the weekend. I clipped my beautiful daffodils to save them from freezing. I hope our other buds survive. This weather totally stinks.

One good thing about this week: the return of Scrubs (and The Office) last night! I hope you caught J.D., Turk and the crew back in action. I know iTunes has Scrubs if you need to catch it.

American Gangster is still waiting to be watched - we just returned Michael Clayton this week (liked it a lot) - and Atonement should be here tomorrow. I guess we can catch up on Netflix since it's too cold to work on the porch or in the yard.

I'm starting to regret signing up for a softball team to start late April. It could still be miserably cold out... I hate that numb vibration throughout your whole body when you have to bat during a cold game...bbbrrrrrrrr.

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