Monday, February 25, 2008

more oscar thoughts

I was too tired last night to add any more on the Oscars. I thought the show was pretty boring and Jon Stewart was awful. He spent way too much time kissing ass and not enough timing being witty...or even interesting.

A highlight of the ceremony for me was Glen and Marketa's performance of Falling Slowly which only took a backseat to their WIN for best original song. What a moment - they were thrilled and the audience really seemed to be rooting for them too. Jon Stewart did redeem himself slightly for bringing Marketa back on stage to finish her acceptance speech since she was so rudely interrupted by the "get your butt off the stage" music.

I thought the E! red carpet comments were mostly accurate though I didn't think ANY of the men looked particularly dashing. Way too many traditional tuxes without a pop of color in sight (not even a handkerchief!). I missed seeing Jamie Foxx on the carpet and some of the other handsome men who take risks.

What did everyone else think?

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