Sunday, February 24, 2008

oscar night

We settled in tonight for the red carpet arrivals so we could analyze each dress and hairdo. Our thoughts so far....

The Good
  • A lot of nice strapless gowns and only a few ladies tugging them upward (yes, we saw you Cameron Diaz)
  • Natural skin tones instead of orange
  • Many flattering red dresses (Katherine Heigel, Anne Hathaway)
  • Nice and easy up-dos considering the rainy weather
  • Also making my good list is Jennifer Garner looking lovely in black and Keri Russell in a gorgeous champagne
The Bad
  • Unlike many of the lovely up-dos I mentioned, Cameron Diaz looked like she came from the gym in a messy ponytail
  • The unfortunate dress of Daniel Day-Lewis' wife/date
  • Jessica Alba who rarely misses made the wrong dress choice in my opinion. She already had a baby bump and didn't need feathers creating more forward motion
The Unexplainable
  • What the hell was Gary A-Busey thinking accosting Laura Linney and Jennifer Garner?
  • Seth Rogen and the other hairy elf he was with
The show is off to a painfully slow start....did not care for the Jon Stewart opening. He can do a lot better so hopefully he'll redeem himself later on.

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