Sunday, February 17, 2008

a hairy topic

There’s an article in today’s Chicago Tribune about the beard trend. Apparently there’s a beard boom that I didn’t really notice since the husband has had a beard since the day I met him.

Anyone who knows how I met Ben knows I wasn’t quite sure about the beard at first. I mean, how many 22-year-olds do you know with a full beard? Ben has great hair genes. His dad has a beard for as long as Ben can remember.

I came to like, even love, Ben’s beard and get a little sad every summer when he shaves it off. The summer we lived in Santa Monica Ben tried something new. He shaved, but not his beard. He had a great short buzz cut all summer and kept the beard. The above picture overlooking Manhattan Beach is one of my favorites.

I don’t know a lot of ladies who love bearded men as much as I do. A recent friend commented upon seeing a photo of Matthew Fox that he was so hot, but she hated her husband’s scruff. Therein lies the problem, you only have to admire Matthew Fox from afar, but you have to kiss your husband. Hmph.

The beard looks great on a lot of guys so I hope you ladies out there give your guy a chance to try it. If you hate it just keep in mind that it’s only temporary. As fast as you can change outfits, your man can shave!


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