Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I'm recovering from a ridiculous series of travel delays yesterday that prevented me from getting back to Bloomington until 11am today. My return flight to Chicago was cancelled before I had even reached my destination yesterday, and I thought getting on an earlier flight back would solve the problem...until I got to Chicago last night and the second leg of my flight to Bloomington was cancelled.

Unwilling to be stranded, I frantically pursued other options - all dead-ends. No other flights were scheduled to Bloomington for the night. The flight to nearby Peoria was overbooked by 50%. No rental cars were available. It took 4 phone calls before I could even find a hotel room. To say my patience was thin is an understatement. So my colleague and I bunked at a nearby hotel with ZERO clothes/essentials.

It was the worst night of sleep-if you can call it that-in my life. I did learn 2 valuable lessons though: AVOID O'Hare no matter what and ALWAYS travel with a few necessities (I still have to make a small list I can live with and figure out how to pack something compact that won't weigh me down so let me know if you have tips).

Elsewhere in the world:

Thank goodness the writer's strike is over!

Woo hoo for Obama in yesterday's primaries

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Lynn said...

That reminds me. Jeff's friend Eric is going to Chicago with his new girlfriend and she said they are flying Ohare and that's the only place she ever flys into and that Midway is "crazy"! What the heck? We told her she had it backwards based on everyone we've talked to and our experienes. So weird...