Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Lots of Halloween fun! Miles was sorta interested in carving pumpkins. He didn't want to touch the guts, but he liked banging the pumpkin with his spoon after daddy did the hard work.

Until Halloween night, our attempts with the costume had not gone well. We tried it on twice, and Miles wore it for about ten minutes. So for Halloween we put it on quickly and then went outside to finish up with the hood and applied whiskers and a nose. Seeing the wagon got him excited and off we went! We rode up and down the block and trick or treated at about ten houses. Miles did great! I was so proud of him!

I think his favorite part of the night was holding the candy, dumping it out and transferring it from our big cauldron to his small bucket and back again. He liked seeing kids in their costumes. When Ben gave out some candy he said "nonono" but then was okay once he realized he still had some candy too. So fun!

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Julie Pond said...

What adorable costumes! I always admire how you come up with great family-themed ideas. I was sitting around thinking, how could JD and I relate to a garden gnome?