Thursday, October 27, 2011

milestone: sixteen months

We are having SO MUCH FUN at sixteen months. Miles is growing more verbal every day so communicating is getting easier. He is also communicating in other ways - he goes to his booster seat when he wants to eat or drink; he goes to the stairs when he is ready for a nap or bedtime; and he marches in place/stomps excitedly and points when he wants something, like to go outside where he also pulls on the door handle (maybe potty training will be a breeze!).

Miles is really interested in cars, trucks, trains and airplanes. He loves the sounds and gets really excited when a loud truck goes by or a plane is overhead.

We took a trip to the zoo this past weekend so we could spend time outside enjoying the final warm days of fall. The animals were very alert, and Miles had fun watching and talking to them -- the wolves, singing dogs, otter and sea lion were big hits.

We're getting excited for Halloween. Miles tried on his lion costume last weekend and wore it briefly so we need to work on that the next few days so he's ready for Monday.

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