Thursday, November 10, 2011

new game

Miles loves to play parade! Here's how it works: he marches from the dining room to the stairs playing music with his pots/pans and spoons. He likes when he has a band with mommy, daddy, g-ma/g-pa, etc.  so we all play music and march in a line. It's so fun!

The weather is turning colder so we are spending a lot more time inside. We went back to the Children's Discovery Museum this weekend, and Miles really enjoyed it. That will definitely be a place we frequent this winter. We are ready for snow with puffy coat, snow pants, gloves, etc. but it just won't be the same playing outside for short periods of time. I imagine we'll need to come up with a lot more games to stay entertained!


Julie Pond said...

What are we going to do all winter?!

Jenny said...

Owen loves to march too!