Monday, November 21, 2011


Miles has his first character crush: Elmo. It started with his Shake A Leg book and then the characters on his diapers. The kids also listen to Sesame Street songs at school. So once we figured out he knew who Elmo was we started letting him watch some of Sesame Street...then Ben's coworker gave us her son's old Elmo doll. As you can imagine, he's officially obsessed.

Now he turns the tv on, gets his play remote, sits in his chair and says Elmo. It's soooo cute and funny.

This is a picture of him enjoying some Elmo and a cracker on his new bean bag chair from Nana. You can see Elmo doll sitting nearby :)

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Julie Pond said...

I love the pjs! Hope Miles is feeling better. Maybe he needs a hug from Elmo.