Sunday, November 27, 2011

milestone: seventeen months

We made a trip to the doctor this week, but it wasn't for a check-up, unfortunately. Miles had a lingering cough/runny nose so we got it checked out and he had an ear infection. He was on the scale for a few seconds and it was over 26 lbs but we'll have to wait another month for all the official stats.

I've posted about favorite new activities so I am trying to think of what else is "new" to report. Two weeks ago Miles transitioned to a cot at school, and it went really well. He lays down when it's nap time and falls asleep with his teacher giving some soothing and back rubbing. He seems to be sleeping longer more often on the cot so hopefully that will continue.

Miles is using a fork and spoon more and more but using his hands is still the preferred method. Favorite foods continue to be crackers and applesauce, and he's good with fruit, pasta, any bread and yogurt. Veggies continue to be a struggle although he eats those well at school most days.

We noticed this week that one of his molars is finally through (which brings the total tooth count to 5!) - hooray! His incisors are really close so I think they'll be next.

Another recent happening is the use of mommy! He's been saying daddy for months and nana too, but not a lot of mommy at all until the last few weeks. It's sooooo great to hear from my little boy!

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