Sunday, January 11, 2009

winter to-do list

With winter comes a delicate balance of hibernation and venturing out of the house in layers (to avoid cabin fever). This was more of a hibernation weekend for us. Yesterday we de-decorated (which is always a bit depressing; now the house is empty) and made a delicious pot of minestrone for some friends who came over for dinner.

I have a lot of movies on my must see list, but so far we've only been to see Doubt. I really liked the performances, but the story seemed to be missing something. ... I would have liked more (and I won't say more of what as to avoid any spoilers).

Also on my list: bowling, reading, jammies and TiVo catching-up, and sewing (curtains for the kitchen). With 10 more weeks of winter to go, I should have plenty of time to fit it all in.

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