Tuesday, January 27, 2009

spring in my step

Whenever it gets close to Valentine's Day I start thinking about brighter colors, flowers and warmer weather. It just doesn't seem right to have such a cheerful holiday during a frigid, winter month. So what to do to bring a bit of spring into my life no mater what the groundhog forecasts?

  1. Flowers. Especially tulips. Yes, they are overpriced. Yes, the delicate beauties will die in a week-even with a penny dropped in the water-and break my heart. If this is the way I choose to spend some money for a week of happiness, I am ok with it.
  2. Pink. I like to wear it, but pink candles around the house or a pink dishtowel also bring me cheer.
  3. Store-bought sunshine glow. Tanning beds are tempting devils, but I can't do that to my skin so I will trudge to the store and buy some sun in a bottle.
  4. Pedi treat. My toes are sad. They need a spa-cation. And a bright coat of happy.
These don't make the last weeks of winter easier, just bearable.

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