Wednesday, January 7, 2009

longest week ever

Short post because I'm freaking exhausted from my back to work schedule. I think I've snoozed 30 minutes every morning this week (Ben will tell you this is a regular occurrence, but it's usually 15-20 tops. Besides he's still off all this week so I get to be a bitter snoozer.). Honestly, it's the first week in January! Can't we hibernate or have a bit of a slower work load?

The one highlight for the week: Scrubs is back (Tues. night on ABC)! Watch it on if you missed it. JD and co. will bring a smile to your tired, over-worked soul.

1 comment:

Brian said...

So great to have new Scrubs. So happy ABC saved it from certain death.

Although I'm going to miss Dr. Kelso calling Turk, Turkelton, I like having Courtney Cox on. She's pretty.