Wednesday, October 12, 2011

bye bye bottle

SUCCESS in bottle weaning has been achieved!! We dropped the evening bottle on Sunday, and Miles didn't even notice. As I suspected, this one was a lot easier than the morning bottle. Hooray! I am so proud of Miles. He doesn't fuss or cry when he sees his cup in the morning so things are going great with the cup in general. In fact, he's showing more and more interest in drinking from a regular cup so he gets impatient with his sippy sometimes. Sigh....he grows up so fast!

Miles' vocab continues to expand. He's mimicking a lot of words and phrases and is close to saying "go blue" for Michigan. We've avoided "no" so far, but he's starting to say versions of it and applying it correctly so I'm sure that'll be in full swing soon. Roaring like a bear/lion is his new favorite sound :)

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