Thursday, October 20, 2011

more fall fun

ISU Homecoming was this weekend, and we also made a trip to the pumpkin patch. I love this time of year!

At the parade, Miles love the bands and tractors. He also yelled and pointed at the Sonic mascot (a milkshake?). The pumpkin patch was an adventure this year compared to last year that's for sure. Miles was here, there and everywhere! He fell into a pumpkin stem and scratched his nose. Posing for pictures - I don't think so! We did our best to catch him in action. He liked sitting in the tractor wheel so that was an easy one.

We've been working on nap transition for a week and it's been so-so. Miles has taken anywhere from a 30min nap (at school) to a 3 hr nap (at home last weekend). He took 2 naps today at home with nana -- he was pointing to go upstairs and get his binky so sorta hard to fight it when he's that tired! He fell asleep in the bean bag chair at school yesterday after lunch (but then only slept for 30 min) we're going to keep working on it and hopefully it'll all work out eventually.

New words: tissue (he loves to get one out of the box, wipe his nose and then put in his mouth or tear it apart), giggle (said it today!), no (in full swing) and boo (he's been saying this for awhile but it's so timely now with Halloween!).


Lynn B. said...

I LOVE those pics! That is one big tractor.

Julie Pond said...

Sad to miss you guys at the pumpkin patch this year. We still have to get our pumpkin!