Sunday, September 7, 2008

why didn't I think of that?

Years ago when we were living in Chicago I got so annoyed when it was raining during my commute because no matter what shoes I wore they were completely soaked once I got to work (so I had to take an extra pair). Not to mention the entire bottom of my pants/legs, etc. was also soaked. When discussing my problem with Ben he suggested some sort of cover I could just wear over my shoes...sorta like a shoe cover you'd see in a hospital. Guess what? Someone else had our clever idea!(and actually put their idea into action).

Shuella's are stylish and functional, and I really want a pair. Wellies are cute too, but big and not easy to transport.

I guess rain is on my mind - we had an all-day rain last week due to Gustav, more rain last night, and might get more tomorrow. My newly potted mums are soaked. They need a few days of warm sun to get going. Meanwhile, where can I get a mini plant umbrella?

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