Sunday, September 14, 2008


Yesterday was my first day as a Habitat for Humanity volunteer! My company is sponsoring a house in the area and we have build days scheduled Sept - April. We'll get to see the house built from the ground up so it should be very exciting. Yesterday I painted at another house that is almost complete because we have gotten SO MUCH RAIN that they haven't been able to dig a basement for our house yet. Anyway, it should be very educational so I'll tell ya all about what I learn!

We've gotten steady rain since Friday so it was a fairly low-key weekend around here. I made chocolate chip bars today and that's about it. ....

On the TV front, I still need to watch Project Runway from last week; thought the first ep of Fringe (JJ Abrams' new show) was above average; can't wait to see Tina Fey on SNL as Sarah Palin; hatin' our stupid local directv situation because we don't get The CW; am excited for Heroes in a few weeks; in the middle of season two of How I Met Your Mother and am loving it..definitely reminds me of Friends (in a bar instead of a coffee shop).

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