Sunday, September 21, 2008

sports bonanza

We had an action-packed weekend of sports. Here are the high/lowlights:

  • Cubs clinch! Woo hoo!! We get a few hours of celebration before the battle continues.
  • ISU Redbirds looked good in their home opener until the second half. Eastern came back to beat us in the last minute. Ugh.
  • Bears defense crumbled and allowed 10 points in the final minutes to tie the game and then we lost by a lame field goal in OT.
Big TV week of premieres starts tomorrow (Heroes should be great though I can't freaking remember what happened in the last ep...I've got to watch a replay online), and I'm traveling Tues.. - Thurs. night so my TiVo is going to get a workout. The show I am least looking forward to is Grey's Anatomy. I still haven't decided if I'm going to watch. At the very least I am putting it on probation - 2 or 3 eps to tell a decent story or I am done.

I just realized it's been a year (already!) since I started my blog. Thanks for reading!

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