Friday, September 26, 2008

the week so far

We TiVo'd the debate and it's mind-numbing. I am eager for Election Day.

I was out of town most of the week so am trying to catch up on all the season premieres. My thoughts so far:

Heroes - Only made it through the first hour because I was getting so confused I had to stop. I really need to refresh my memory on last season.

My Name is Earl - I am committed to this show because it is one of the few funny comedies on tv, but no one needs two episodes in one night. 22 minutes of Earl is my limit.

The Office - My favorite show of the week. Ryan as the new receptionist is genius.

Ugly Betty - I really missed this show, but a few of the new storylines are already bugging me. Why Lindsay Lohan? Why the dumb Daniel is a player storyline revival? Glad to see Amanda and Mark again.

Grey's Anatomy - Once I got past the ridiculous "hook" that McDreamy is dead, I only lasted 15 minutes. I'm cranky from the long week so will give it a few more minutes before I pull the plug.

Let me know about your love/hate shows.

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