Sunday, June 29, 2008

summery drinks

I'm always on the lookout for new summery drinks. (And I'm talking non alcoholic; favorite cocktails requires another post.) From ice tea to smoothies, I love fun, refreshing drinks you can cool off with. Here are my favorites:

Tea-based drink: Lemon Zest or Mucho Mango from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Sadly, I can't get one in the Midwest. It's a delicious mix of fruit, ice and tea.

No tea drink: Mango smoothie from Panera. Mix of mango, ice and splash of raspberry sauce.

Yogurt/ice creme drink: Mango smoothie from Nordstrom Cafe. Lethal mix of mango sorbet (Haagen Dazs) and other yummy goodness.

I've tried other smoothies from Coldstone, Freshens, etc. but they either made me feel ill or didn't rank as memorable.

Let me know if there is a good drink out there I need to try.
We made it to the pool yesterday before the rain came through. It was nice to chill (especially after pulling weeds for an hour). Now we're scrambling to get ready for work tomorrow and vacation on Wed.

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