Thursday, January 31, 2008

you go, girl

Sometimes there are days in your career where everything comes together and you're a total superstar. My friend Natalie had a day like that today when her client was a guest on the unbelievably high-profile Oprah show.

Natalie's working with football star Kevin Everett to promote his new book, "Walking Tall," about his journey of rehabilitation following an extremely serious spinal cord injury in September 2007 during a football game.

Some days in for-profit public relations are completely un-gratifying (pushing press releases and planning events that don't exactly make the world a better place). But occasionally there are days when you can say "damn, that really touched someone" or "wow, I made a difference in that person's life." The inspiring life of Kevin Everett is that kind of story, and Natalie was so the right girl to promote it.

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