Thursday, January 10, 2008

who cares?

I'm getting really angry with all the media attention a few so-called "news" items are getting lately so here is my list of things I could care less about...
  • Anything to do with the misbehaving group of Hollywood crazies such as Britney, Lindsay, Mischa and Nicole (among others!)
  • If Tony Romo is cursed by his girlfriends
  • Stalkerazzi photos of every baby bump in Hollywood and the constant speculation about those who could be preggers
  • Tom Cruise and Scientology
  • If Hillary got teary or "moist" and how voters responded (seriously?) and all of the other overly dramatic, trumped-up political coverage
Feel free to air any of your additional "who cares?" items!

1 comment:

Ben said...

CNN "personalities." If I wanted to watch a talk show, I'd watch the talk show channel, not the news channel.