Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Recently Miles has started talking about one of his friends from school constantly. Her name is Avery. He'll say her names at the funniest times - during diaper changes or watching Elmo, for example. We have no idea why. At school he doesn't pay her any more attention than the other kids. But if I say anything about school, the first thing Miles says in return is "Avery." Maybe this is his first girlfriend? I'm sure she has no idea.

Tantrums continue and seem to be getting longer. They definitely occur more when Miles is tired (like on Monday evening when we got home from school - Miles only had a 40 minute nap all day - ugh). We try to soothe and move on or ignore it; not much luck so far. I'm sure we'll have many more times to perfect our tantrum response.

Recent new words: airplane, blimp and elbow (he said this one totally out of the blue today while eating dinner. He pushed up his sleeve and showed us his elbow too :)).

The only other news to share is Miles will transition to the toddler room at school in two weeks. This room has the same schedule for all kids so I'm hoping he'll nap better in a quieter/darker room. Hard to believe he's moving up already..2 is just around the corner. 

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