Wednesday, February 22, 2012

milestone: twenty months

Miles has started singing a lot more in recent weeks. His favorite songs are:

-Itsy, Bitsy Spider with the climbing, etc. motions. He's saying itsy, bitsy, down, washed and a few other words
-Ring around the Rosey. Likes to play with Elmo included and says ring and ashes (sorta sounds like achoo)
-Alphabet song. He's doing a lot of the right sounds like a,b,c,g,h,p
-Elmo's World theme. Very good at la la la....Elmo's world

School transition to the toddler room has been rough. Lots of crying, anxiety and general uncharacteristic behavior. We're trying to get through it. After five days it's getting better...

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Jenny said...

Don't you remember at Beth's shower a few months said you couldn't believe that he would be singing soon:) It all happens too quick!!:)