Sunday, January 22, 2012

milestone: nineteen months

It's been another month full of fun! The biggest change the last few weeks has been the way Miles plays. His imagination has really taken off! We've been having picnics with Elmo and friends. Miles makes alphabet soup using his ABC's and puts a few in cups to share. He stirs it, says it's hot and blows on it. Adorable! He's been feeding Elmo a lot - he eats every meal with Miles in the chair next to him, complete with bib and food from the play kitchen.

Today Miles played a new game: library! Ben took him to borrow some Elmo dvd's and when they got home Miles pushed books across the coffee table and beeped -- he was reenacting the automated return at the library! Sooo smart and so cute.

We are trying to keep up with all his words - Miles is up to 80+ now, which still includes unique sayings like "lellow" for yellow. He'll surprise you and say "buckle" when getting into his car seat or "button" when we push the garage door closed. It's so much fun to hear!

Other new words include "pee-pee" and "poop" and he's got the application of them down well though we're not sure if he just notices he has a wet diaper when he says "pee-pee" or if he's going. He definitely has "poop" right - he will tell us before and after he goes. We are going to try a potty chair soon and see how he responds to it.

More teeth are in so he's at 10 - including a new molar, so the last few weeks he's had some bad nights with tooth pain. All in all, Miles has done well, and the bad nights just remind me how great the good nights are (not to mention how long we waited for them!). 

Can't believe our next milestone is 20 months (we'll be out of the teen months)!

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