Wednesday, March 2, 2011

milestone: eight months

Miles has lots of new tricks!

He's starting to clap hands with mommy and daddy. He hasn't figured out how to clap his hands together yet, but he'll clap one hand with us or give us a five. Adorable!

He's still getting up on all fours, but no backward or forward motion yet.

The biggest new skill: Miles will now feed himself a puff! It took two weeks to go from gagging, to tolerating a puff from mommy, to liking puffs from mommy, to feeding himself a puff (and wanting more, more, more). Yay, Miles!

No new stats to report until our nine month check-up. We did just upgrade to size 3 diapers so I'm guessing he's around 18 pounds.

Sleep is going well. Most nights Miles will go down easy and put himself to sleep within 15-20 minutes. We still have 2-3 nights a week with fussing. He's sleeping through the night consistently except for the occasional off night.

Mommy hit a major milestone with Miles at eight months: I stopped getting up once at night to pump. Now I too sleep through the night. Hooray! I've got a small bank of frozen milk to tap when I am ready to stop pumping at work. Double hooray!

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Jenny said...

Yea for puffs and everyone sleeping through the night:)