Thursday, March 24, 2011


Miles got his first boo-boos this week! On Wednesday at daycare, his teacher accidentally dropped a sanitizer spray bottle near his head (sounds bad now that I type it...) and the spray nozzle part bumped and scraped his head. I don't think it hurt much, but it sure scared him! He cried, but recovered quickly.

Then today he had an accident at home under Nan's watchful eye. He was in his crib trying to pull up on the tall end, of course, and he let go and toppled over and bumped his cheek on the shorter side. Crying followed, along with lots of kisses from Nan.

So now he has a red mark and maybe a bruise forming to complement his scrape. At least the second boo-boo was self-inflicted.

I know these are just the first of many ouchies to come, but it still makes mama so sad!! :(


Jenny said...

It's so sad when they cry! Owen has the lower lip part down pat now:)

Andy, Jen & Nolan said...

Poor Miles...Nolan knows "happy face" and "sad face" and can do them on demand....and tells me he doesn't like my sad face and that I need a happy face...