Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving +

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving (twice). It was great to have a long holiday weekend. Miles kept things interesting with a rash, hives, constipation and his first roll over. Never a dull moment. The rash and hives are related to the cold he had (which we discovered after a frantic trip to the doctor). Thank goodness they only lasted a few days and didn't seem to bother him.

Miles rolled from his tummy to his back last Sunday and has done it a number of times since then. It's soooo cute. He doesn't understand what all the fuss is about when we cheer for him. Hilarious! Ben got a good video today so I'll get that posted along with some recent pics.

We also went back to more new food today after taking a week off because of the rash. Ben made sweet potatoes, and Miles ate every bite. I'm not sure he liked them as much as carrots. We'll see what he thinks tomorrow during day two of taters.

Seems like we just had Halloween and now Thanksgiving is over and the race to Christmas is on. Miles is enjoying Christmas carols (especially Jingle Bells) and his advent calendar from Nan.

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