Tuesday, December 28, 2010

milestone: six months

Miles had a great check-up today! His latest stats:

16 pounds
27 3/4 inches
Head circ: 16.5 inches

He's in the 90th percentile for height - definitely a string bean! Speaking of beans, we tried our second green veg tonight - green beans. So far, Miles is not loving green veggies. He disliked peas so much they gave him the twitches. Green beans went over a little bit better, but he still only took a few bites. Thankfully we had some orange veggies on standby.

Lots of great Christmas photos to share...coming soon!


Jenny said...

Owen hated his green veggies...his nose was orange because that is all he would eat! Now he eats green beans and peas just fine:)

Julie Pond said...

Miles is still right there with Michael in length, but Michael's pulling ahead by one pound in weight! How the heck did we make it to 6/7 months?!