Wednesday, December 22, 2010

half birthday

Miles is six months old! His official 6mo check up is next week so we'll soon find out how much he's grown now that he's enjoying mommy's milk and daddy's homemade veggie purees.

He's sleeping better at night - no more feedings, but he still wakes up a few times and fusses for his binky or attention. A few weeks ago he started refusing to sleep on his back or now he sleeps on his tummy which we came to terms with based on the fact that he can roll to his back if he wants too.

Christmas definitely came upon us quickly! We've been trying to get the tree up for two weeks...we finally got the lights on Sunday, and then I got super sick. Ben had the stomach flu last week, and I thought I bypassed it. No such luck. So we lost about 5 days between illnesses. Miles has stayed healthy so far, thank God!

What I find myself wanting most for Christmas is the gift of time - more family time and free hours to enjoy the simple pleasures of motherhood with a joyous little boy.

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Julie Pond said...

Not the stomach flu! Does it get any worse?!