Monday, June 14, 2010

this time next week...

Unless the baby decides to come between now and early next week it looks like we'll be heading in for an induction! My OB doesn't think we should wait until 40 weeks just in case I'm carrying around a 10 pounder. So say a prayer for early labor...and induction or not, the strength for me to push this little girl or boy out!

The to do list is pretty short. Hospital and pediatrician: check, check. Hospital bag is mostly packed. Baby's room is almost done. Bassinet is ready and waiting!

We're telling the baby we're ready. Let's hope she/he isn't as stubborn as mom.


Jenny said...

I'm sending you all of my mommy powers for a pleasant delivery:)

Lynn B. said...

LOL - that word allowed in labor? But I must say my experience was as pleasant as I could have hoped for. Just go in not expecting anything in particular and you can't be disappointed. It worked for me!