Sunday, June 6, 2010

stuff I'm putting off

Seems like I should have made these decisions made by now...

  • Where the heck I'm delivering. We took another hospital tour today and I still can't decide. I guess I'm used to the hospital where my mom works having spent so much time there growing up. I have all these visions in my mind of what labor and delivery/post partum should look like. Nothing is measuring up. 
  • Who our pediatrician will be. We've narrowed it down to a few doctors within a practice. I'm going to try a "new mommy" interview this week. 

Other big thing to do this week is get the car seat base in the car and checked out.

Meanwhile, the nursery is 75% done. We're getting our rocking chair upholstered, and Ben is finishing the mural. Then just add baby. It's fun to hang out in there and imagine our little one.

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Lynn B. said...

OMG 3 weeks - 3 weeeeeeeeeeeks! Are you gonna get in the car and tell Ben to surprise you when taking you to the hospital? :-)